Friday, November 05, 2010

I have reached a Conclusion:

Indian food is the best cuisine in the world. One can understand why Europeans made so many efforts to find an easy route to India.


priest's wife said...

It is also a perfect cuisine to enjoy during fast times

Karl said...

That's right. Who knew that lentils, rice, and beans could be so good, in so many ways?

Nice blog, by the way.

F.P.Barbieri said...

I remember my father's conversion, in Bangalore some twenty years ago. And it takes a lot to convince an Italian, one whose family is from Romagna to boot, of the excellence of any cuisine not native to our country. We tend to ignore even the French, treating them, on the whole, as rather amusing pretenders. But Indian food done really well broke through. (Not that I am going to give up my native traditions any time soon.)