Sunday, November 15, 2009

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times

for studying the classics. Never before have there been so many resources for people to study Greek and Latin, and never before, thanks to Google Books and others, have so many texts been readily available. Unfortunately, interest in these subjects seems to be small. We starve amidst a banquet.

Recently I discovered the Latinum Podcast. Evan Millner has recorded the entire Adler _Practical Grammar of Latin Language as a series of podcasts that can be downloaded into an Ipod. He goes over the text with meticulously accurate pronunciation and with much useful repetition, so much that one really doesn't need to read the text. The course is primarily in Latin composition, so that the language is learned by speaking or writing it.

I am delighted to have found it. I am through six lessons, and already my Latin has improved greatly, just from hearing it spoken.

If only there were a classical Greek version.


tap said...

Do you this podcast/book will work for a total neophyte, who has zero learning of latin?

Karl said...

I think so, but you might want to have a grammar handy to look up words like "Ablative", "Dative", etc.

Most of the learning comes through the repetition of sample sentences, like:

Habesne pileum meum?

Do you have my hat?

So that you learn things by speaking and hearing, not necessarily by memorization.

Give it a try--it doesn't cost anything. Subscribe to the Podcast in Itunes and start with Adler001a. You can get the book from Google Books, or you can buy a copy from

Let me know if you need some help. Leave a comment here.

tap said...

Thanks for the suggestion karl.

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