Friday, November 20, 2009


I wanted to get a copy of this book:

Usually I would just print it out and stick the pages in a binder. But I decided to try the link for Google Product search. It took me to, which then took me to I bought the book. It cost me 17$, including shipping, and took about a week to get. Would you like to see how it looks?


Bill White said...

Dear Lord preserve me from temptation. I didn't know reprints were an option.

Thanks, I think.

Karl said...

You're welcome.

Moo ha ha ha ha!

M. said...

Hi Karl,
You might be interested that I've started to make an audio version of Kendrick's book.
It is here:

So far, only the first few chapters are up - I am simultaneously podcasting from Ahn's book - both of these gently lead one into the language - although Kendrick is unique in being based on a conversational model for teaching Attic Greek.
There are of course, quite a large number of Renaissance Classical Greek dialogues etc that do this as well, but at a much more advanced level.

willson said...

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