Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Books and Movies I have Read/Seen

Recent forays into popular media

Star Trek: I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It breaks the "canon", which I think is a good thing. In the Church, heresy is very bad, since the canon of beliefs come from God. In science fiction, heresy can be good, since the canon only comes from Gene Rodenberry and Rick Berman. Through the magical plot device of time travel, Star Trek gets an all-new alternate universe to play in, complete with young Kirks, Scotts, and Spocks. The casting was good (Eomer as McCoy), and despite lots of plot holes, it was fun.

I am Charlotte Simmons: I picked up a copy of this book by Tom Wolfe for 2$ at my library. It's my first Wolfe (Tom, not Gene) novel. It is a satire of college life, and one gets the sense that it the events and plot are not invented so much as amplified from real occurrences. It's also very funny skewering of current sexual morality---I remember a student telling me once, in reference to Dido and Aeneas' tryst in the cave, "In the old days, people weren't supposed to have sex before marriage." "Oh, when did the rule change?" I responded. She blushed. It's become the norm, but an uncomfortable norm. IACS takes modern sex and explodes it from the inside. Highly recommended.

Plato's Republic: I'm just re-reading it again, and feel like I am reading it for the first time. I never took the irony seriously enough before. Socrates constructs a city in words (in poetry) from which the poets would be excluded, especially the imitative poets, but Socrates the character is a piece of masterful imitative poetry constructed by the offscreen author, Plato, whose book would not be allowed in the ideal cities of the book. My mind is still running in circles.