Friday, October 10, 2008

What in the world is going on?

It feels like the world is racing off a precipice. I know this is just emotional venting, and of little rational value, but we run into economic trouble (brought about by market intervention, not by lack of regulation), and everyone is eager to socialize the economy.

There is no conservative party. There is a socialist party that advocates abortion on demand, and a socialist party that doesn't, at least not as much.

My wife works for a bank; I hope she will get civil service benefits.

Well, since this is a rant, I feel no need to tie it all up into a coherent essay.


Joe said...


I think that this will be a watershed election for a number reasons. But one reason, I think, that stands out to me is the opportunity for fiscal/social conservatives to re-evaluate conservatism and their allegiance to the Republican party. Even though I'm a slightly left-leaning, centrist, independent (ex-Republican), I can sympathize with conservatives who have come to realize that the Republican party of the last 8 years is not truly conservative. And I personally think that President G.W. Bush has done more to harm conservativism and the Republican party than anyone. I think it is almost certain that Obama is going to win and that the Democrats may get 60 seats in the Senate. If this does happen, then Republicans ought to take it as chastisement and ought to do some serious soul searching to rebuild a truly conservative party.

Lindsay said...


I know your discouragement. I live in Canada. We have had no real conservative party for decades. We have a Liberal and NDP party which are both leftist socialist. The official Conservative Party has done little to restrict growth of the Nanny State when in power, in fact like your Republicans they willingly expand it. They have consistently failed to address let alone reverse the radical social agendas imposed on the country under previous Liberal governments. And most frightening of all is that most citizens seem not to care. They have long ago accepted the idea of a pervasive and paternalistic government. They quickly adjust their thinking to accommodate the latest judicial fiats of our courts (e.g. homosexual "marriage")and assimilate the propagandist slogans of the state ("multiculturalism", "tolerance", "separation of church and state"). One looks for signs of real change but sees none. I fear we are so far down this path that we have lost any sense of being lost. In fact we are convinced it is the only way to go.

Karl said...

Dear Joe and Lindsay,

Did you notice the pundits talking after the last debate about how McCain "lost the nonverbals?"

How could that matter? How could people make a decision in an election based on someone's posture at a table?

In such a world, it is no wonder that things are as they are.

Joe said...


People really do vote based on superficial impressions. My boss had made up his mind after the first debate when he noticed that McCain wouldn't look at Obama. He said he was thoroughly offended.