Monday, May 19, 2008

I think I am doomed

I just had a vision of my life as a parent, given the recent California Supreme Court decision about marriage and who is eligible for entering into the matrimonial state:

For the rest of my life as a father, I am going to have to fight my nation's culture tooth and nail, for the good of my children, and I am likely going to lose. Everything that I say about things that really matter, about God, family, love, friendship, even about education and thinking well, will be contradicted daily by the bright, shiny, prosperous, but rotting Western world. My little girls will learn, slowly but surely, that Daddy is a crackpot, a crank, a dinosaur, and a religious fanatic.

Maybe if I read them Chesterton at bedtime. . . .

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Bryan Bond (tex29) said...

Hi Karl. I had an email I tried to send to your old email address get bounced back. Please drop me a line at, if you are so inclined.


Bryan (tex29)