Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baseless Geopolitical Speculation

How long will it be before oil-producing states need to fear invasion and conquest by oil-importing states?


Mike the Geek said...

Until the cost of buying the dang oil actually exceeds the cost of invading and occupying a bunch of nutball countries. For the most part, you'd have to occupy countries that nobody in their right mind wants to live in. Now, were they to discover oil in Tahiti or Belize, then I'll be beating the war drums!

bilbannon said...

Oil is as much a necessity as food in the modern world. It is the reason one's parents will live or die if they call an ambulance. It is police patrolling a dangerous part of a city or not patrolling and there are elderly people in those parts of the city who need cops as much as they need food. Invasion can be a moral duty were a country to withhold oil simply out of greed or antipathy.
The Church in Romanus Pontifex 1455AD in the middle of the 4th paragraph actually gave Portugal the right to invade non Christian lands pre emptively and to take the land and enslave the people. Brazil was absolute last country out of the slave trade in the West partly as a result. It wasn't our best papal letter. But it put us in an historical position wherein we have little right to be pharisaical about invasions for oil which is now a necessity not simply a luxury for the beachgoer.

Larissa said...

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