Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Sin of the Age

An interesting thought, well expressed, in John Erickson’s The Challenge of Our Past: Studies in Orthodox Canon Law and Church History:

Apostasy? Fornication? Is not the besetting sin of our time rather that miserable schizophrenia according to which the Church occupies one compartment of our lives, while all our values and expectations are formed by the increasingly non-Christian world?

Yes, apostasy and fornication still occur, but we are generally too busy with the cares of the world even to notice that we are apostates and fornicators. By that I mean that we have put the things of God into such a box that it doesn’t enter our consciousness that God could make any demands on us, at least not in our real life, the life from Sunday to Sunday. One can preach against more concrete sins all day long, but until the audience realizes that there can be such a thing as sin, that preaching will be worthless.

There may be a God, the modern person says, but what does He have to do with me?