Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I know it is my own fault

that nobody reads this any more. Somewhere along the line I lost the will to blog. Maybe I should say something controversial to see if anyone is out there. Here goes:

You can't be a good Catholic and a good American. By this I mean that the secular culture and the ways of thought that are required to be a good citizen are quite contrary to those required of a good Christian.

Anyone out there want to pick a fight with me on this?


Hoots said...

Uh, I'm out here. But I'm not gonna argue with you about that. Ever since I registered as a conscientious objector and was drafted to serve two years as a medic in the Army my patriotism has been up for question. I have always seen contradictions between what Jesus told us to do and popular notions of patriotism.

Dr. Richard Scott Nokes said...

Don't forget that those of us who subscribe through an RSS reader aren't going to show up as hits -- even though we're your most loyal readers.

Alfonso said...

Do you remember the movie "A few good men"

The lawyers fought for truth .. and the end, the marines (found guilty) remember their oath, which is to defend those who cannot defend themselves

There is no contradiction between being good american and being good christian

The 'good american' that media / establishment want you to be ... is not necessarily good ...

And going against the grain, .. and being strong witness .. without leaving the public plaza, not going back to guetto menthality ... and providing a convincing, smiling argumentn .. is what we are called to do


Karl said...

Hey, I do have readers!

Alfonso, of course the "good American" is not necessarily good. In fact, I think that the good American is probably bad.

One thinks of the _Meno_, where Socrates shows that virtue can't be taught by giving examples of virtuous Athenians who couldn't teach their children to be virtuous. The subtext that Anytus picks up on is that perhaps the virtuous Athenians aren't really virtuous at all. The characteristics that made one fit in well in Athens had little to do with true virtue.

America _mutatis mutandi_ and all that.

j.fahy said...

I'm a newish reader. All your insight that was recently lost in another internet forum should hopefully reemerge for me here.

And, that said, I agree with you fully on the idea. Seems Leo XIII does too.