Monday, October 22, 2007

Have you ever wanted a Greek lexicon and morphology analyzer?

Come on, I know that you have. Hasn't everybody?

This morning I was looking through the Perseus Project, but was disappointed in the speed of the connection. Perhaps the computers at Tufts are overburdened by young classicists. I was trying to practice my Greek by reading the epistle for the day, but I couldn't access the online lexicon. What could I do? What if Perseus went down for good?

There is a solution: "Diogenes", a program for searching the TLG cdrom. I don't have this cdrom (400$, I think), but the program does some things even without it, namely look up the meaning of Lation and Greek words, as well as analyze the form of a word, telling case, number, etc. Just choose the action "Look up a word in the dictionary" or "Morphological analysis." It will even parse words for you. How wonderful!

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