Thursday, October 11, 2007

Google has a Blogger Widget

I have been very lax on blogging for the last year or so. I'm sorry, and am pleasantly surprised to find that I still have readers. Perhaps having this neat little gadget on my Mac dashboard will help me to blog more often. I find many blogs that are updated more often consist of little stippets of the poster's day. So, here goes:

I'm sitting at my kitchen table reading Fr. Tarazi's volume The New Testament, Introduction: Paul and Mark. It's quite interesting, in particular his take on the disputes between Paul and the Church of James in Jerusalem. One point strikes me: Paul identifies Christ with the Suffering Servant from Isaiah, a servant whose fate was so stunning that all nations would be brought into relationship with God. Paul must preach the gospel to the nations, or Jesus is not Lord. Or, to put it another way, if Jesus isn't the light to the gentiles, then he isn't the one whom the prohets spoke of.

This puts the task of evangelism in a different light. We don't just evangelize to convince others of the truth of the faith, but to convince ourselves of its truth, for through our preaching the power of God is active. We know God through the power of his word, through seeing how all nations come to accept it.

As always, my posts are speculative. All theological points are subject to revision.

Let's see--what else is going on. . . I'm trying to have a few moments of peace while the kids are asleep. I am the "primary caregiver", and so have little time for reading or thinking. I teach two classes and barely find time to get ready for them. I don't know how people like Amy Welborn do it. Right now girl #1 is up sitting newt to me, eating cheese. Girl #3 is in her swing, almost falling asleep but not quite. Girl #2 refused to go to the bathroom, and I took away her blanket until she acquiesced. She didn't, and wet herself. I guess I win. 

Well, back to Tarazi, while the kids are mostly quiet.


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