Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Seasonal Note

Alas, black soul! How long wilt thou continue in evil? How long wilt thou lie in idleness? Why dost thou not think of the fearful hour of death? Why dost thou not tremble at the dread judgment-seat of the Saviour? What defence then wilt thou make, or what wilt thou answer? Thy works will be there to accuse thee; thine actions will reproach thee and condemn thee. O my soul, the time is near at hand; make haste before it is too late, and cry aloud in faith: I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned against Thee; but I know Thy love for man and Thy compassion. O good Shepherd, deprive me not of a place at Thy right hand in Thy great mercy.


Larissa said...

Well, well...
Frictionless rollerblades and after-school Calculus club.

Need I say more?

Feel free to email me anytime, Doc:

Rufus McCain said...


I was looking for the text of Walker Percy's 1989 speech at Notre Dame and found it and your very fine blog. Thanks for making the effort to dig it up at the Percy archives and put it online. I hope you don't mind that I've republished it at Korrektiv, here.

Karl said...

Dear Rufus,

I don't mind at all. I'm glad to be the occasion of Percy's wider distribution.

Dear Larissa,

It's nice to hear from you. I trust all is well?

Larissa said...

Yes, all is well, thank you. I'm working on getting to veterinary school, but first I'm taking an extra semester this fall to finish my second major. The present is good, and much better than my past.

How are you, your wife, and the little ones doing? I can't seem to successfully send you emails.

Rufus McCain said...

Mark Lickona has now made a video of this speech available on YouTube. You can find the link on the Godsbody blog, here.

Anonymous said...

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