Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The arguments of the pro-choice side

Today, we continued the Face the Truth Tour in Chicago, and the counter-protestors were out. Let me give you the arguments they gave me:

1) Our pictures are fake. Those are really full-term babies. I asked some follow-ups:
a) Where'd we get the pictures? "You people killed the babies, then took pictures of them." Another fellow said "Those are Iraqi babies, killed by your idol, George Bush!"
b) I asked one woman "Would it make a difference to you if you thought the picture was real? "No." Then why claim that it's a fake? "To show what wackos you people are."

2) Numbers 5 is a theraputic abortion. So said a passerby. I pulled out my bible and read the passage in his presence. He said "See? Therapeutic abortion!" Go read it yourself, and see if his tendentious reading is correct. When I attempted to chat with him about it, he told me to go find someone who read Hebrew. Then he called me a psycho and walked away, even after I invited him to lunch to discuss the issue. His loss--I would have paid.

3) A man dressed in black with a Roman collar and a pectoral cross came by. He said that he had an open mind on the abortion issue. I, of course, love open minds, since one can then have a good debate. I attempted to bring up some bible passages, such as Jeremiah and the Visitation, when John the Baptist leapt in his mother's womb at the presence of Christ. He said "Don't talk to me about the bible! I studied the bible for five years in seminary!" I said "Ok. I studied it too. Let's talk about it!" He then said "I read the bible in Greek!" I said "So do I." He refused to listen or even converse with me in any way, and wouldn't even tell me which church he belonged to.

4) A woman told me that I should support birth control since I am opposed to abortion. When I asked her about the detrimental effects that contraceptive sex has on relationships and marriage, she said "Marriage is a sh*t institution designed by the patriarchy to oppress women!"

All these conversations are reported nearly verbatim, subject to the constraints of my memory.


Carson said...


I miss out on all the fun. You certainly are going where the rubber meets the road. Does the group take an old fool like me?


Karl said...

Dear Carson,

Of course. You aren't nearly as old of a fool as our oldest stalwarts.

I'll make sure to let you know about the next day we go out.

Radical Catholic Mom said...

I have found from my years of protesting outside abortion clinics that those most angry and furiously hostile are usually the ones who are defending the murder of their own child. Many times as the women would be nearly hysterical in their anger towards me, I would stop and pray for them. That usually made them angrier, or would cause them to break down in tears. The Truth is so painful for the guilty.

Sr. Lorraine said...

God bless you for your courageous work!

Anonymous said...

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