Monday, December 12, 2005

To blog or not to blog

To blog, I think.

It's been a difficult year, on a number of levels. Not an awful year. Shed no tears for me--life is, generally, pretty darn good. But a few things have happened which have pushed blogging even further down the chain of possible activities than usual.

I do intend to keep this up, but perhaps not very often. That's why, my Faithful Reader(s), I recommend you sign up for the Atom feed, which I have linked somewhere off to the right. That way, your mail program or newsreader will let you know when I post something, without you having to keep coming back here. It's how I read the seldom-posting-but-always-excellent Old Oligarch, for example.


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Earl Capps said...

hanging there - nobody posts on my blog, except for some crude and insulting things that some anonymous cowardly type tried to post recently.