Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas?

Have you tried prayer and fasting? It is the ancient custom of the Church. Advent is not a time for shopping, but a time for purification, of making way for the coming of our Lord. In the Byzantine Church, we start "Phillip's Fast" on the evening of November 14, where we customarily avoid meat for the entire time, excepting weekends, and avoid meat and dairy Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Won't you join us? I promise Christmas will be much better.

Here are some resources on the fast:
Reflections on Philip's Fast.
Meal ideas (with links to menus!)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

"I wish I liked Catholics more."

"They seem just like other people."
"My dear Charles, that's exactly what they're not--particularly in this country, where they're so few. It's not just that they're a clique--as a matter of fact, they're at least four cliques all blackguarding each other half the time--but they've got an entirely different outlook on life; everything they think important is different from other people. They try and hide it as much as they can, but it comes out all the time. . . ."

---Brideshead Revisited

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Byzantine Liturgy is like an artillery barrage

It just keeps coming at you, over and over, for hours, and something is bound to hit you smack in the head.

That's a thought that came to mind as I took part in four and a half hours of Matins and Divine Liturgy this past Sunday. Where was I, that I had such a treat, you ask? At Holy Resurrection Monastery in Newberry Springs.