Thursday, September 01, 2005

A thought-provoking confluence of events and liturgy

Today is the Byzantine New Year, celebrated on September 1st because it is thought Christ went into the synagogue and read from Isaiah to begin his ministry on this day. At liturgy, we sang the following troparia, which, when juxtaposed with the news from New Orleans, give one pause to think.

O Lord, maker of the universe, who alone has power over times and seasons, bless this year with your bounty, preserve our country in safety, and keep your people in peace, save us through the prayers of the Theotokos

Lord and Savior who as God brought all things into being by a word, establishing laws and governing unerringly to your glory, at the prayers of the Theotokos, keep secure and unharmed all the elements which hold the earth together, and save the universe.

O Creator and Master of time and eternity, God of all, O merciful One, bless the course of this year, and in your boundless mercy, save all those who worship you, our one and only Master, and who cry out to you in fear: O Savior, grant a happy year to all people.


Bill said...

O Beauty, ever ancient, ever new. Thank you for that troparion, Dr. Karl.

Fr. S.T. said...

It introduces an interesting notion and difference in that as the Gregorian New Year begins when things are bleak and dead (winter) and builds toward Spring the Byzantine begins when things are waning into winter. I wonder if that is another deliberate pointing toward Easter. I will sit and ponder that.

Cure of Ars said...

Happy new year :) That prayer could not be timelier. Thanks

Bernard Brandt said...

We also sang these stichira (not troparia) for the vespers of the Indiction, the beginning of the Byzantine civil year, at St. Andrew's Russian Catholic Church. We sang them in tone 1 vespers tone, and sang two stichera from the Vespers for the feast for the Environment, in the carpatho-rusyn podoben, Nebesnich chinov radovanie. Those texts are as follows:

Christ Saviour, Lover of mankind, who brought all things into existence from nothing, and with ineffable wisdom arranged for each one to accomplish unerringly the goal which you laid down in the beginning, as you are powerful, bless the whole creation which you fashioned.

Give peace to all the nations, Lord, and understanding in all things, so that we may lead a tranquil life and always keep your laws, which you laid down for the whole creation for the unalterable maintenance and government of the universe.

One can find the whole set of stichera here:

Bernard Brandt said...

By the bye, love your website. I'd also love to hear more of what youze guyz are doing re the founding of a Byzantine Catholic college