Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Follow me through the nursing home!"

That was the challenge that Fr. Loya gave us at the homily this Sunday. After giving a good analysis of the lies that have been told about Terri Schiavo, he said something like this (I paraphrase because of faulty memory): "She's better off than a lot of your relatives that I visit in the nursing homes. Do you want to come with me next time? Let's go. You follow me, and we'll kill everyone of your relatives, who have less function than Terri has. If it's okay to kill her, it's okay to kill them."

The final point of the homily was this: how dare the government tell a priest that he can't give the sacraments to a member of his flock. How dare they? If the state can say that she can't receive communion, then we have no freedom of religion.

Pray, fast, repeat.

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