Thursday, March 31, 2005

Father Moderator, you've been snookered!

EDIT: Apparently I've made an error: the traditio website isn't a SSPX website. Forgive me. Of course, my SSPX friend routinely quotes from traditio. I made an assumption. Sorry.

The Society of St. Pius X has a website, where an interesting article appeared recently. I give an excerpt from their website (scroll down to find this article):

So that those Novus Ordo "conservatives" won't be so sanguine about the post-conciliar papacy "fixing" anything, here is the programme announced by a leading papal candidate, Oscar Andres Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, of Honduras, for the next papacy. "When the Sacred College of Cardinals names me pope, I'm gonna shake things up," Maradiaga said. "And I'm not just talking about giving the popemobile a new coat of paint. I'm talking about big moves...." And what are these moves? [CFP]

1. Discharging the pope from being Bishop of Rome. So much for the New Order pretending that it is the Roman Catholic Church!
2. Making "great changes" to Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Vatican II document that was used to destroy the Roman Catholic Mass. You thought that the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic service was bad? Just wait until it becomes Protestant-Masonic-Buddhist too!
3. Moving the papal see from Rome to Barcelona. Last time the pal see was moved from Rome (to Avignon, France), the Church ended up with the Protestant Revolt.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of Maradiaga is the fact that he was never ordained as a priest, but only as a presbyter, in 1970 in the Novus Ordo. Therefore, many of the tens of millions of traditional Catholics around the world will not accept him as a priest, let alone as Bishop of Rome (or does he really want to be Bishop of Barcelona?), and therefore not pope. What a sticky wicket that is going to be for the Society of St. Pius X!

Yes, the New Order must be completely abandoned destroyed. Just as Rome destroyed Carthage and sowed its fields with salt so that it could never rise again. This time in the Church is not one for "negotiations," "compromises," and "indults." It is a time for war, a time to fight the good fight like a St. Paul.

The only problem is that Maradiaga doesn't exist! I can't link to the article in The Onion, since that is only allowed to premium Onion subscribers, but here's an excerpt from the website:

Cocky Pope-Hopeful Ready To Make Some Changes Around Vatican
VATICAN CITY—With Pope John Paul II's health in decline, there is speculation as to who will succeed him as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga announced...
4109 | 2 March 2005 | News


Someone should tell Fr. Moderator.

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