Thursday, March 31, 2005

Father Moderator, you've been snookered!

EDIT: Apparently I've made an error: the traditio website isn't a SSPX website. Forgive me. Of course, my SSPX friend routinely quotes from traditio. I made an assumption. Sorry.

The Society of St. Pius X has a website, where an interesting article appeared recently. I give an excerpt from their website (scroll down to find this article):

So that those Novus Ordo "conservatives" won't be so sanguine about the post-conciliar papacy "fixing" anything, here is the programme announced by a leading papal candidate, Oscar Andres Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, of Honduras, for the next papacy. "When the Sacred College of Cardinals names me pope, I'm gonna shake things up," Maradiaga said. "And I'm not just talking about giving the popemobile a new coat of paint. I'm talking about big moves...." And what are these moves? [CFP]

1. Discharging the pope from being Bishop of Rome. So much for the New Order pretending that it is the Roman Catholic Church!
2. Making "great changes" to Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Vatican II document that was used to destroy the Roman Catholic Mass. You thought that the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic service was bad? Just wait until it becomes Protestant-Masonic-Buddhist too!
3. Moving the papal see from Rome to Barcelona. Last time the pal see was moved from Rome (to Avignon, France), the Church ended up with the Protestant Revolt.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of Maradiaga is the fact that he was never ordained as a priest, but only as a presbyter, in 1970 in the Novus Ordo. Therefore, many of the tens of millions of traditional Catholics around the world will not accept him as a priest, let alone as Bishop of Rome (or does he really want to be Bishop of Barcelona?), and therefore not pope. What a sticky wicket that is going to be for the Society of St. Pius X!

Yes, the New Order must be completely abandoned destroyed. Just as Rome destroyed Carthage and sowed its fields with salt so that it could never rise again. This time in the Church is not one for "negotiations," "compromises," and "indults." It is a time for war, a time to fight the good fight like a St. Paul.

The only problem is that Maradiaga doesn't exist! I can't link to the article in The Onion, since that is only allowed to premium Onion subscribers, but here's an excerpt from the website:

Cocky Pope-Hopeful Ready To Make Some Changes Around Vatican
VATICAN CITY—With Pope John Paul II's health in decline, there is speculation as to who will succeed him as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga announced...
4109 | 2 March 2005 | News


Someone should tell Fr. Moderator.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Want to know what Byzantine Church music sounds like?

The Metropolitan Cantor Institute, which trains cantors for the Ruthenian churches in the USA, has published on its website mp3 files of the Resurrection Matins for Easter Sunday. The choir is quite good. It's very similar to what happens at my parish, although our singing has a bit less technical prowess and a bit more gusto.

Go ye forth and listen.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sadness at the Last Supper

I went to the Holy Thursday liturgy at my church this evening, and there was a strange feeling to it all. Usually we celebrate Liturgy as if it were Pentecost every day, but tonight it was subdued. Afterward, we stood around in the narthex, as if no-one wanted to go home, but no-one wanted to say why. Then one of us mentioned the Schiavo case. What could be said? The culture of death has had the USA in its grip for years. 4000 babies died today in thanatoria around the country. What's one more woman being starved to death? And yet, this one hits very hard.

I think part of the reason for why so many of us are so sad about Terri is that this confirms, without a shadow of a possibility of a doubt, that this country is evil. Through and through, the United States is, in its official governmental organs, committed to the cause of death. What's the difference between this one death and the 4000 abortions a day? This one has a face, a face that responds to loved ones, a face that we could love. The unborn have no faces, and so don't evoke the same reaction. But Terri is just a disabled woman whose life has become inconvenient. And she's being starved to death.

I have no words to describe the horror I feel, as the country I love dictates that this woman be killed, and killed in a horrible way. Since I have no words, I will resort to numbers. The paragon of evil in most people's minds is Nazi Germany. They were pikers. Compare the numbers: we kill 4000 a day, and now we kill the elderly and disabled as well. There have been something like 40 million killed in the last thirty years. Hitler never was this efficient.

We are not the good guys.

Connected with the horror at what my country has become, is near-despair at the work that must be done. We cannot let this stand. All Christians and people of good will must fight the status quo with every ounce of strength. The problem is that there is no human hope of success. The culture of death is too tied up to the culture of self-satisfaction for anyone to have a rational hope of defeating it. What can we do? What can my poor efforts do?

And yet, there is a precedent. Christianity conquered another evil empire, and did it thoroughly. What must Peter or Paul have thought, as they gazed about them at the degenerate culture of Imperial Rome? Perhaps they had the same temptation to despair that we feel today. But they persevered, and conquered.

Of course, the conquest took three hundred years, and Peter and Paul were long dead before they saw the fruits of their labor. I think we might be in for more of the same. But there is glory in the fight. In hoc signo vinces!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A letter I sent to the Chicago Tribune

Re: The story March 23, 2005 entitled "Protestors blast drugstore."

In your story about Planned Parenthood protesting a Chicago drugstore whose pharmacist refused to sell contraception, you say that "Some pharmacists. . . say taking emergency contraceptives and other birth control pills is equivalent to abortion, because the pills can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus." This is true, and is in fact what happens with these drugs. But you say after that "Most doctors, however, say there is no pregnancy--and therefore no abortion--until after implantation."

This is merely a linguistic dodge. It matters not whether a doctor calls it abortion or not. The fact remains that the drugs prevent a fertilized egg from implanting, thereby killing it. That's the moral issue, whether such things ought to be killed or not, and whether the pharmacist ought to have to participate in that killing. Appealing to the verbal practice of "most doctors," who call the killing something other than abortion, changes nothing about the morality of the situation.

My Name, PhD
My School

Some thanatic words for today

I think, given that we are obviously completely mired in a culture of death-as Kevin Miller notes, 4000 babies will be killed today, so what's one more 41 year-old woman?--we need to resurrect some words.

Thanatic: of or belonging to death;..deadly: "We live in a thanatic country."

thanatoid, a. resembling death; apparently dead. As in "The woman is thanatoid, since she can't feed herself."

thanatorium, n. An establishment where people are received in order to be killed. "The hospice in Florida is a thanatorium!"

thanatophilia, n. An undue fascination with death. "'Just let her die!' shouted the thanatophiliac husband."

When I play with my daughter now

as she giggles when I chase her and pick her up, I think to myself, "Someday, a court may decide that I don't have the right to feed her or give her water. Someday they might arrest me if I try."

I know one thing. If getting married means that her husband will have the right in law to kill her, then she's never getting married. Over my dead body.

God bless America.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Follow me through the nursing home!"

That was the challenge that Fr. Loya gave us at the homily this Sunday. After giving a good analysis of the lies that have been told about Terri Schiavo, he said something like this (I paraphrase because of faulty memory): "She's better off than a lot of your relatives that I visit in the nursing homes. Do you want to come with me next time? Let's go. You follow me, and we'll kill everyone of your relatives, who have less function than Terri has. If it's okay to kill her, it's okay to kill them."

The final point of the homily was this: how dare the government tell a priest that he can't give the sacraments to a member of his flock. How dare they? If the state can say that she can't receive communion, then we have no freedom of religion.

Pray, fast, repeat.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

We went to Disney World for spring break

I have several reactions to Disney World:

1) Does everyone have a tattoo but me? It seems that way. Why would anyone wish to mark his flesh permanently with ink? I've never got a satisfactory answer to that question.
2) Epcot stinks. It used to be neat, but all of the educational rides are being removed and replaced with thrill-rides. Even The Land, my favorite, is being replaced with some flying ride. Harumph. I blame Michael Eisner.
3) The Magic Kingdom is still fun, although I don't approve of all the changes. Whenever a ride is revamped, it seems that it is inevitably made louder and more crass. I used to love the Tiki Room, but no more. It has been recast as a raucus fight between the birds from The Lion King and Aladdin. The worst part of it was that the show began with a teaser of the old music. I thought that I was going to be able to relive childhood glories, until the interlopers appeared, and the show went to hell.
4) The Animal Kingdom only takes a half day. The raft ride is fun.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Patristics is Fun!

Note this delighful letter from St. Basil the Great, where he gently and humorously scolds a friend for sending him gifts.

Letter 4


To Olympus

What do you mean, my dear Sir, by evicting from our retreat my dear friend and nurse of philosophy, Poverty? Were she but gifted with speech, I take it you would have to appear as defendant in an action for unlawful eviction. She might plead "I chose to live with this man Basil, an admirer of Zeno, who,
when he had lost everything in a shipwreck, cried, with great fortitude, 'well done, Fortune! you are reducing me to the old cloak;' a great admirer of Cleanthes, who by drawing water from the well got enough to live on and pay his tutors' fees as well; an immense admirer of Diogenes, who prided himself on requiring no more than was absolutely necessary, and flung away his bowl after he had learned from some lad to stoop down and drink from the hollow of his hand." In some such terms as these you might be chidden by my dear mate Poverty, whom your presents have driven from house and home. She might too add a threat; "if I catch you here again, I shall shew that what went before was Sicilian or Italian luxury: so I shall exactly requite you out of my own store."

But enough of this. I am very glad that you have already begun a course of medicine, and pray that you may be benefited by it. A condition of body fit for painless activity would well become so pious a soul.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fr. Shane Tharp's gone big time!

Catholic Ragemonkey's founder was on Relevant Radio today. I knew Fr. Tharp when he was a seminarian. It's very strange when someone you knew when he was just a big doofus becomes a respected man doing good and noble things. Bravo, Fr. Tharp!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Kevin Miller won't like this

but the Schiavo case has made me very reluctant to sign my organ donor card.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The "Truth" Campaign

Tobacco companies have been forced to fund advertisements that, by and large, denounce them as evil empires bent on conquering the world through lung cancer. Since television is far more damaging to the human person than tobacco use, perhaps the networks and cable companies ought to be forced to fund advertisements exposing them for the vacuous, immoral flesh-peddlers that they are.

Maybe there should be a warning label on televisions: "Watching television has been demonstrated to cause attention-deficit disorder, stupidity, moral decay, impure thoughts, and spending money on products you don't need. The Surgeon General has recommended that no-one watch this tripe. Happy Viewing!"