Monday, February 28, 2005

Powers and Principalities

Often we forget that the world we see is not the entirety of things that exist. The events we see are not the only things that happen, but are often (I would say always) indicative of spiritual events that we do not see. Sometimes, the veil lifts and we get to see more clearly. Take the current situation in America with regard to euthanasia, which one should really call "thanasia", since there isn't anything good about it.

Terri Schiavo is likely to be murdered by her husband with the connivance of doctors and judges, simply because she can't function as well as a normal person. She's not sick, she's not dying, but she will be starved to death soon. And yet, look at the confluence of events: recently a woman in a twenty-year coma came out of it. On the other side, the Oscars honored not one, but two pro-thanasia movies last night. Million Dollar Baby isn't a boxing film, but rather a film about killing the disabled, and how good it is. The foreign language winner is also about killing the sick.

The devil knows what the stakes are, and is fighting hard to win this victory. We need to fight back. May I recommend prayer and fasting?

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