Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I went to a conference at Ave Maria last week

and it was quite good, if a bit theological. It was on Aquinas the Augustinian, and many of the papers focused on the trinitarian theology of Augustine and Aquinas. Now, I believe in the Trinity. I believe there are three persons and one essence, but the intricate ins and outs of trinitarian theology are a bit beyond me. But there was other stuff of interest as well. Aidan Nichols OP was there (he sounds like Basil Exposition with a cold), Michael Sherwin OP was there, John Rist was there, Gilles Emory OP (excellent paper on the presence of the concept of spiritual exercise in Aquinas) was there, and a few other big names whose names I've forgotten were there. Rist asked an interesting question: if we solve the Platonic problem of the existence of absolute moral norms (forms) by placing the forms in God, and if the essence of God is unknowable, how do we know the absolute moral norms, or even that there are such things? Answer: through the mediation of Christ.

Oh, also, Chris of Veritas was there. We had lunch. It was fun.

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