Saturday, January 15, 2005

How to pray while breathing

Jan 6 was the feast of Theophany; yesterday was the leavetaking for the feast, which is in fact a much bigger feast than Christmas. Jesus enters the waters of the Jordan to be baptized by John, but rather, Christ baptizes the waters, making all of creation holy, because God has touched them.

Our pastor makes the point of telling us that the holy water distributed on the feast is the same water that Christ was baptized in. So, when one drinks it, one is communing with Christ--in a lesser sense than in the Eucharist, but still in a real sense.

Well, it seems to me that this thought can be extended. Not only is the water the same water in which Christ was baptized, but the stone we walk on is the same stone Christ was buried in, and the air we breathe is the same air Christ breathed. So, as you go through your day, treat every breath as a communion. Then you can "pray without ceasing."

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