Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Romanus, the choir director at my wonderful parish (not his real name), took a job at a Roman parish last year to make ends meet. This forced him to miss Sunday and Saturday liturgies and Vesperses, which was vey difficult for him. It also forced me to fill in for him as director pro tem. I was glad to help, but didn't like directing. It isn't because I can't direct, but rather is because I like directing that I don't like directing. I like it so much that I become tempted to make the Liturgy all about me and my musical skill, and less about God. I have enough temptations to egotism; I don't need the choir as well.

But, fortunately for me, Romanus has quit his job at the other parish, gotten a job at a Catholic grade school, and is going to sell cars or bartend or sell advertising or something for a while until then. This means that soon he will be back in front of the choir where he belongs, and I will be back where I belong, just another tenor who sometimes sings alto with the ladies.

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