Saturday, November 13, 2004

"Every evil can be reduced to the destruction of mutual solidarity."

V. Soloviev.

"Every evil can be reduced to the destruction of mutual solidarity and balance of the parts and the whole; and every falsehood and every ugliness is also in essence reduced to this. We should acknowledge as evil all exclusive self-affirmation (egoism), as well as anarchic particularism and despotic unification. That is to say, evil exists when a particular or individual element asserts itself in its individuality, striving to exclude or oppress another essence; when the particular or individual elements separately or together desire to stand in place of the whole, exclude and negate its independent unity, and through this the common bond among themselves as well; and when, on the contrary, the freedom of an individual being is constricted or abolished in the name of unity."

From The Heart of Reality, page 74.

Good stuff, eh? I wonder if Solidarity had some roots in this stuff. Incidentally, I was watching a special on the trouble of the coca-growers in Bolivia, and the peasants have a new champion, some politician named Evo, who talked about how the poor have been oppressed, and how their culture needs to be recognized and valued, and I'm thinking, "Yes, that's true." Then he started talking about Marx, and ended a speech saying "Death to the Yankees!" I thought "Same old crap. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

This world needs a whole lot of Solidarnoses.

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