Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Ents have awakened, and found themselves strong

The lesson from this past election should be emblazoned on the door of every cathedral church: "Preaching the gospel forthrightly and clearly will transform our nation."

What happened before this past election has never happened in my lifetime: Catholic bishops, priests, and laity (not all of them, but many) preached the Gospel of Life, and not only preached it, but drew out its concrete applications in political life. In other words, people were repeatedly told that their faith should inform their vote. Do you know what happened? Enough people listened that a pro-choice candidate for president was defeated. The ents are awake, and they are strong!

Will they go back to sleep again, I wonder? The unprecedented clear teaching of the Catholic faith that we have just lived through did not come as a result of an initiative of holy bishops. Rather, it was forced upon them as a necessity by a presidential candidate who claimed to be Catholic, but yet repudiated publically fundamental aspects of the faith. The bishops had to act, or admit that they were theological and spiritual eunuchs

However this uprising happened, it must not be allowed to die. The lesson of the past election should not be lost. Let me put it clearly: Preaching the Gospel will transform the culture! If we continue the work that has begun, if even 10% of Catholics vote their faith, we will determine every election. If we continue to teach the Culture of Life, I assure you that there will be a time when both major parties nominate pro-life candidates. If we fail, there will come a time soon when no major party will concern itself with the protection of life.

Don't believe me? Try it and prove me wrong.

Note: I have no illusions that the current president is a fearless advocate of the dignity of every human person. He isn't. The flame of truth is not a bonfire yet, but a flickering candle. That's why we must continue to feed the flame. But at least the flame wasn't extinguished.

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