Monday, October 11, 2004

Where have I been?

I've been here. Wow. What a wonderful place. I didn't want to leave, except that Mrs. Athanasius and Macrina (not their real names) weren't there.

Many things impressed me, but in particular the mood of contemplation on campus. Part of this has to do with having very smart students who care about ideas (is there anything better than bright kids discussing Aristotle at the breakfast table?), but part also has to do with the rules they've adopted. Television is not allowed on campus. Movies cannot be watched unless they are cleared by the prefect, and may not be watched in one's dorm room (no VCR's or DVD's in the room). Opposite sexes must stay out of each other's dorms. Most importantly, the internet is not allowed anywhere on campus except in the library, and the terminals are kept limited. See, the internet, the movies, and television none of them contribute to contemplation. In fact, they actively oppose it. Contemplation requires peace and quiet in order that one may engage in wrestling with truth. Noise must be minimized. It sounds wonderful--time to read, think, and pray.

I've been inspired by this model of life and am going to adopt it myself. We already severely limit television time in our house to workouts and weekends, and have gotten rid of cable. But I'm giving myself an additional rule, since I tend to sit on the internet all day and night: when at home, my internet time shall be limited to 1/2 hour, with a minimum two-hour limit before I can dial up again. I even got a shiny new egg timer to help me keep track.

So, if you see two posts from me on a Tuesday or Thursday separated by less than 2 hours but more than 1/2 hour, you'll know I broke my rule. Scold me accordingly.

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