Wednesday, October 27, 2004


So, I was attending Mass (Roman) at a local chapel Monday, when I heard something odd in the psalm: "Happy are they. . . ." Now, I recognized it as Psalm 1, which is singular, not plural: "Blessed is the man. . . ." What was going on? I was under the impression that the practice of inclusivizing texts by changing singular references to plural wasn't allowed, and that the revised psalter of the New American Bible had been (rightly) rejected. Had the new Lectionary been ruined somehow? Had Rome backed down from Liturgiam Authenicam?

But all my worries were for nought. I went up this morning and took a look at the lectionary, and found that it was the unauthorized Canadian lectionary from 1994. The good news is that Rome hasn't screwed up the psalms. The bad news is that the chapel is using an unnapproved lectionary. In charity, I am going to blame the previous regime.

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