Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Byzantine Catholic Radio!

A new Byzantine Catholic radio show has begun, "Light of the East," starring Fr. Thomas Loya (who happens to be my pastor). The show aims to fulfill the pope's call that Roman Catholics learn about the eastern half of Christianity. Fr. Tom will explain our spirituality, liturgy, iconography, music, and theology, showing how the East and West mutually enrich each other. He will explain how life in Christ is really divinization, the conformity of man to God. He'll explain how all of this relates to the Theology of the Body. There will be dynamic, orthodox testimony about the power of the Resurrection to transform the world. There isn't any show like it.

"Light of the East" is broadcast on AM 820 in Chicago every Sunday at 11:30AM. Don't live in Chicago? No problem! A version of the show will be archived at the parish website. Go here to listen to the show. Really. I mean it. Go listen now!

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