Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Music Review

If you have never sampled the music stylings of our own Victor Lams, I suggest you do so. (Insert obligatory negative music-reviewer statement:) Victor is no Pavorotti, but what his vocal instrument lacks (which really isn't too much), he more than makes up for with a knack for catchy melodies, lyrics which are whimsical, clever, and at times profound, and an infallible sense of funkitude. The style varies from smoky piano-jazz to Dig-Dug. My daughter and I love his new opus, "Coloring Monsters," which is not about monsters who color, but about people who color monsters in coloring books. Give it a listen. As a bonus, you get to hear Victor's son provide the roar.

You can find most of his music at Acid Planet. Cue it up and give it all a listen. My favorites from the Acid Planet playlist are JP2 (Kizz Da Ring Mixx), And We Lost, the poignant Not a Great Man (lyrics taken from Michael Schiavo's Larry King appearance), and Gothic TootsiePop.

Be sure to check out the cartoons, too. Start with the St. Michael Prayer, and then take a look at Farmer Joe (another one of Macrina-not-her-real-name's favorites).

If Victor happens to read this, my computer crashed a while back, and I lost my copies of some of your stuff, in particular Tobiah's Journey and Sarah's lullaby. I also miss Homonculus (I think that's what it was called), since I too have a little man who lives in my head pressing all the buttons.

Don't miss the blog, of course.

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