Monday, September 27, 2004

Call to Action urges adhering to liturgical rules!

There's an article in the Daily Herald today about the trend towards more Latin masses in the Chicago area. It's generally fair, except for the obligatory counterpoint view. Crystal Chan, a member of Call to Action, is interviewed, and is not pleased by the trend: "The nature of the Latin rite encourages the laity to revert back to a powerless position," she said. "We need to embrace the rituals we have now. There isn't a need to return to the Middle Ages."

I agree. The Latin rite should embrace the rituals they have now. I'm glad to see that Call to Action has finally realized that liturgical do-it-yourselfism is a problem. I'll be sure to look for Chan's name in the contributor list of the next Adoremus Bulletin.

P.S. I note in passing Chan's concern with power. It's always about power.

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