Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sunday Obligations and Mortal Sin

A commentor asked how God could damn someone to hell for not going to church on Sunday. I liked my response so much I'm stealing it for the blog. Here it is:

The question:

What kind of God damns people to everlasting pain and torment because they missed mass on Sunday?

And what decent person would want to spend eternity with such a God?

The answer:

What kind of person would miss Mass on Sunday except someone who's ok with spending eternity apart from God? Such a person is obviously OK with spending time apart from God.

Do you know what happens at Mass? You can, if you are so disposed, receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ! God commands that you attend at least once a week, for the sake of your soul. If you don't go, clearly you aren't too concerned about your soul.

Let's do a little balancing here: how much trouble is it to make it to Mass? No trouble at all. How much benefit do you get? Infinite. Who commands you to go? God. Now let's say you sleep in. That means that you value sleeping in, or watching football, or whatever else it is, more than the infinite benefits of God.

Well, God isn't going to give you what you clearly don't want. Damnation for missing Mass? Hell yeah, if you miss on purpose.

If you don't go to Mass, why would you be upset at going to Hell? One avoids God on earth, the other avoids God after death.

(Note to my Eastern Catholic brethren--substitute "Divine Liturgy" for "Mass.")

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