Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Speaking of Modesty

I was walking through Walmart, usually the bastion of American Protestant Respectability, when I saw, right next to the Sponge-Bob pajamas, panties with the words "I'm a Flirt/Just Can't Help It" written right across the front.

Now, first of all, no underwear with writing on it should be sold to any unmarried person, since the only reason to have underwear with writing is so that someone can read it.

Second, what is it doing in the kids' section? I note that next to it was a Snoopy thong, which I hope Charles Schulz is spared a vision of in heaven.

Aquinas argues in the beginning of the Prima Secundae that one proof that no created good can satifsy human longing is that we are never satisfied with it. Perhaps selling thong underwear with cartoon characters on it is a sign that we are looking in the wrong place?

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