Thursday, July 08, 2004

The real argument for abortion rights

I think this is it:

1) If abortion really is a species of murder, then I/we/our nation is/are very evil.
2) I/we/our nation can't be really evil. We're the good guys!
3) Therefore, abortion must be ok.

By the way, this form of argument works for other things as well:

1) If contraception is a mortal sin, then I and my wife have been living without santifying grace for years.
2) I and my wife aren't bad people--it's not like we murdered anyone.
3) Therefore, contraception must be ok.

1) If missing Mass on Sunday is a mortal sin, I'd be in danger of hell.
2) I'm a nice guy, and so can't go to hell.
3) Therefore, missing Mass on Sunday isn't a mortal sin.

What do you think? Have I figured it out?

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