Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Let me recast my previous point

since the Reagan examples are not crucial to my argument. I used him not because I thought he was evil--far from it. I used him because the talk surrounding his death provoked thoughts in my mind, and this blog is a mirror of my mind. Or a bucket to hold my intellectual regurgitations.

So here's another example: when I was in seminary, there were lots of Irish seminarians who followed the news in their ancestral land passionately. I remember vividly a few of them talking about the bombings that the IRA carried out against civilians, saying that it was a good thing if it made Ireland free.

I suggest this test: if at any moment you find yourself thinking that evil act X, whatever it is, is worth doing to avoid evil situation Y, no matter how bad it is, at that moment you have ceased to think like a Christian.

We are not allowed to do evil so that good may come. Not even a little bit of evil for a whole lot of good. To say otherwise is not to trust God.

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