Friday, May 14, 2004

Our wonderful country

I visited Germany in 1991. Walking around Frankfurt and Berlin, I wondered how many of the people I saw had been participants in the Nazi regime. Surely many of those over a certain age must have played some part? After all, Hitler was elected. It was unsettling to move amongst a people who had killed so many, either directly or through passive acceptance.

But perhaps my discomfort was misplaced. After all, I live in America, a nation that kills one and a half million people year. Polls show that most people think this is fine. Many of the rest aren't too upset about it. Did I have any cause to be upset with the elderly Germans?

Thought experiment: the next time you walk down the street or see a crowd in a store, think to yourself that more than half of these people think that, at some time or other, it is appropriate to kill the child in the womb.

We are a nation of killers. God help us.

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