Monday, May 31, 2004

I think some people shouldn't blog

I've been following with some sadness the career of a young blogger (I won't tell you who it is) who, in the course of his blogging, has entered the Church, defended her teaching on moral issues, been scandalized by the breakup of a famous Catholic couple's marriage, been further scandalized by the fact that the Democratic party (which he loves) is clearly at odds with the Church, has fallen in a particular moral area, has repudiated his defense of the Church on these issues, and has come back to the Church (sort of) by means of Call to Action and Dignity.

I don't think people should blog about matters of faith until that faith has matured a bit. Frank Sheed and the Catholic Evidence Guild wouldn't let you go out and preach on street corners until you were well-formed, since a flawed defense of the Church will do more harm than no defense at all. Further, engaging in this sort of debate when your own faith is still inchoate is very likely to kill it.

As someone connected to this whole mess has said, thank God I didn't have a blog when I was 20. One can only hope, as Thomas More said to John Roper, that when this certain blogger's head stops spinning around, it is facing in the right direction again.

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