Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Too much despairing going on

All over St. Blog's people are upset about the various scandals and evils overtaking the world. So am I. But we need to keep some perspective. There has never been a perfect time in the Church. Read some Church history--there have been schisms and heresies and betrayals of Christ for less than 30 pieces of silver since the beginning. Repeat this phrase whenever you see scandal: "It has always been thus." If you are a teacher of religious education, I suggest you include lots of Church history as an inoculation against the evils of the present age.

But, also, I think we need to realize that lots of good things are happening. Here's a few:
1) A couple I know who have been in an irregular marriage for 30 years or so is going to fix everything this weekend. And the husband is becoming Catholic. Praise the Lord!
2) My parish is working very hard to pay off our debt without Bingo or pierogie sales. We've raised about 180000$ strictly through stewardship appeals. We're doing things the right way, and we're succeeding. Praise the Lord!
3) Speaking of my parish, our teen group is wonderful. There are no rock-and-roll liturgies, no raves, no watering down of the teaching of the Church. Rather, there are courses in apologetics, in the theology of the body, and in the treasures of the Eastern liturgy. In fact, our teens stayed overnight at the church from Holy Thursday through the Easter Vigil, chanting the Byzantine liturgy of the hours. Praise the Lord!

Despite all that happens, Christ still wins. People are being saved every day. Christ is risen from the dead, and by his death he has conquered death, and to those in the graves he has granted life! Alleluia!

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