Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Prayer Request! Please Help!

I teach at a smallish midwestern Catholic college. Our college does lots of things well, but one thing it doesn't do particularly well is teach the Catholic faith. I aim to fix that problem. Today in class, I asked if there were any students interested in the Catholic intellectual and doctrinal heritage. "If there are, could you please stop and chat with me after class? I have some ideas." About three students hung around to see what I was up to. I want to start some sort of student group to help the Magisterium of the Church filter down to my students, facilitated of course by beverages and pizza. How can we get Evangelium Vitae or Veritatis Splendor down to the student level when the faculty and administration greet such documents with a yawn? We're going to try an end-run around them.

I don't know what shape this organization will take, if it even takes any shape. I envision something like Lumen Christi, but at the undergraduate level. Could you please help me with your prayers? We need this badly at my school.

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