Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Open Letter to Vox Clara

VC, if you don't know, is the new group overseeing the translations of the Roman Missal. I have heard good things about their work, but have one suggestion to make: Change the words of institution back to "for you and for many."

I have two reasons:
1) The New Testament text says "for many", not "for all." It may be that the sense of the passage is "for all," but the words of the passage clearly say "for many."

2) When this terrible schism between Catholic and Orthodox is over, we will all need to have the same words of institution. We might as well do it now. They say "for many." In fact, I think most other languages other than English translate it correctly as "for many." So, in the interest of ecumenism, join the crowd.

Now, I have heard (and I can't remember where I heard it) that the bishops in charge of Vox Clara had decided against changing the words of institution, because they didn't want too many changes in the Eucharistic Prayers. But let me assure you: there will be much screaming over any changes. So, since changes are undoubtedly necessary (because the bishops slept on the job when ICEL butchered the translations in the first place), we might as well make all the painful changes needed all at once.

Do you pull a bandaid off bit by bit, or just rip? I suggest ripping.

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