Monday, February 09, 2004

I got to hear Cardinal Dulles speak at a Lumen Christi event

and among the many good things he said, one phrase sticks in my mind: "To have a higher source of knowledge is a privilege, not a burden!"

He was talking about faith, which, as any good Catholic should know, is not a mere virtue of believing whatever one likes really strongly, but is the supernatural virtue of believing true things about God. It is a source of knowledge. Catholics should thank God that we have such a source of information. What darkness would humans be in if we had never received the revelation of Christ?

In the Byzantine church the custom at Matins is to come forward to venerate the Gospel book with a kiss. This ritual is pregnant with meaning for me, in particular, as one who is familiar with the often futile struggles of human reason to get to truth. I am so grateful to have the gift of the Gospels, since there are so many things I wouldn't know without them.

It's a privilege, not a burden!

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