Thursday, November 20, 2003

Now that I've talked about fasting,

It's time for the Christmas List!

Note that these gifts are a bit pricy, and are completely unnecessary. But they would be fun. Socks, sweaters, and ties (and mortgage payments) are always appreciated.

Item #1
The Ukrainian Catholics have translated the Divine Office from Slavonic to English. I would like a copy so that I could make some attempt to pray a portion of it every day. This book is available here for the not-very-low price of 100$. Imagine: 1373 pages of Byzantine goodness!

Added benefit: if idle hands are the devil's workshop, then this book will help me not to have idle time. The Byzantine Office, if prayed fully, takes all day. I won't have any idle time.

Item #2

I play lots of musical instruments. Unfortunately, I only play one at a time. (That's not quite true: I did play trumpet and piano at the same time once for a talent show.) The Tascam US-122, available from The Woodwind and Brasswind, is a usb audio interface for the computer. This would make it much easier for me to record my own music on the computer, and thus imitate my hero, Victor Lams. This gift would allow me to explore a whole new world of funkitude.

Other than that, give me world peace, faithful bishops, good liturgies, and holy and healthy family members.

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