Sunday, October 12, 2003

Question: What is a Liturgist?

Did you ever see the name of a profession and wonder what the purpose of that profession is? I recently saw that a professional athlete had gone back to school to finish his college degree in geography; what does a geographer do? We Americans are currently awash in a sea of liturgists, and I want to know what liturgists do.

Are they supposed to write liturgies? No, clearly not, since the rules for liturgies are already published in approved books. Are they supposed to "plan" liturgies? No, since once again the rules tell us what gospel or psalm to use for each day. Are they supposed to design and decorate the church? Maybe, but isn't that what an architect and iconographer is for? Perhaps liturgists plan the music. But, it seems that musicians do that job.

How curious! It seems that liturgists have no job.

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