Sunday, October 05, 2003

Christina Aguilera is an Uncle Tom

I enjoy girl singers. I like the quality of the voice. Unfortunately, just when I find a singer with talent, she goes through the Hollywood sluttificator. Such has happend with Miss Aguilera. However, in her case it is particularly disturbing, because she thinks that she is standing up for the dignity of women.

So Christina, in order to stand up for the dignity of women, gets breast implants, wears street-walker clothing, makes videos that are pornographic, and in general makes herself into a fourteen-year-old boy's masturbatory fantasy. But, says she, it is ok, since she is just being a strong woman. She said, "What is wrong with a young woman showing her sexuality? I'm not making myself into an object."

Wait a minute. Women over the years have suffered precisely because they have been objectified, made into mere instruments to serve the pleasure of men. Now, in order to fight this, Christina strips down to near nakedness and performs lewd acts on stage and in her videos. Does she really think that her actions are likely to solve the problem?

Now, to call a black man an Uncle Tom is to accuse him of being complicit in his own enslavement. Such a person works to perpetuate the system that exploits him. Christina Aguilera is a sexual Uncle Tom, doing everything in her power to ensure that men see women merely as a sex toy.

Let me explain what she's doing a bit better: imagine men sitting in a strip club. A woman comes up and, for 10$, begins dancing for the men. All the while she says things like "I'm being a strong woman. I'm standing up for women everywhere. There's nothing wrong with a woman showing her sexuality. I'm not making myself into an object."

The man replies "Whatever, baby. Just shut up and give me a lap dance."


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