Monday, September 22, 2003

Strange things heard in homilies

This morning I stopped to go to Mass on my way to work. (I am blessed to have a parish near my school that has three morning Masses with daily confession.) The elderly priest said this about the battle between God and the forces of darkness (there was light-dark imagery in the gospel): "We need to fight the darkness, which most of us do fairly well."

Well, Father, I don't know about you, but I'm not doing so well. Despite knowing that Christ has risen from the dead, and that death therefore has no power over me, despite knowing my faith pretty well, and despite the great grace of weekly communion and near-weekly confession, I still "sin without number."

Priests, may I recommend you follow St. Edmund Campion's advice and "crye alarme spiritual?" Things aren't so good. But if no-one ever points out that the world is immersed in sin, why would anyone seek Christ? The patient needs to know he is sick before he seeks the Physician.

P.S. Humbling thought: at least 45 million (that's 45,000,000) babies have been killed in this country since 1973. On judgment day, Americans will be looking up to Adolf Hitler as an example of virtue. At least the Nazis killed out of genuine hatred, not for something as trivial as being able to ejaculate without consequences. God help our nation, for we murder the innocent in the womb without qualm.

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