Friday, September 26, 2003

My wife had the same reaction

Greg Popcak writes about telling one of his clients the teaching of the Church on sex and marriage. The man got mad: "Everything you're saying makes perfect sense. Why didn't our pastor tell us any of this when we were in marriage prep? Why did we have to make a mess of everything for fifteen years before we could finally start learning what marriage and sex is supposed to be about? I'm really upset. How come nobody ever told us this before?"

My wife says the same thing. She was raised Catholic in central Wisconsin, went to Mass every Sunday, and attended the CCD classes for years. She went to a Catholic college as well. But it wasn't until she met me that she got the Church's teaching on marriage. Thank God my wife is a wonderful, sensible woman who knows the truth when she hears it, but she should have heard it 10 years before she did.

Is it any wonder so many Catholic couples contracept? They've never heard anything different. When they do hear about the real Catholic teaching, they can reject it, since if it was that important, surely Father would have mentioned it somewhere along the line.

Woe to us if we are ashamed of the Gospel.

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