Monday, September 08, 2003

An Announcement

As John Paul, whom no news story can mention without also mentioning how old, ill, and tired he is--I was in a Pauline bookstore and overheard a call to one of the sisters from the Chicago Tribune, asking questions in preparation for writing the pope's obituary--ages, more and more stories will list names of Cardinals "considered a possible successor to John Paul II."

Well, in this same vein, I would like to announce formally that I am a possible successor to John Paul II. Yes, I am papabile. Sure, there are some difficulties, notably my status as a married man and my Ruthenian-ness. But these could be overcome--after all, Peter was married, and since he was from Palestine, probably was a Melkite Catholic.

So, when you speak of me, I prefer that you call me "Karl--er, Athanasius--who is a possible successor to Pope John Paul II."

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