Wednesday, August 06, 2003

What we have is a failure to excommunicate

Go read Ellen Goodman's column here. Note especially this line, given as a reason why good Catholics like Kennedy, Durbin, and Leahy can still be good Catholics, even though they think little babies can have scissors jammed into their skulls: There's no question the Vatican holds strong views against abortion. Thursday it urged politicians to oppose gay marriage. But the church has never excommunicated a politician who disagreed and never revoked the right to call yourself a Catholic.

Darn it, she's right! If these people continue loudly to proclaim their Catholicity while just as loudly supporting killing children, then we must have public excommunication, for the sake of their immortal souls, since as long as they aren't, they and many others will think that one can be pro-child-killing and still a good Catholic.

Lord, please grant courage to our bishops.

Anyone care to forward this article to your bishop? The USCCB web site has a list of phone numbers and addresses by diocese.

P.S. Thanks to Mark Shea for the link. You know, I'd really rather post about obscure goodies found in Byzantine liturgy, but this stuff needs to be answered, even if only at my small website.

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