Sunday, August 17, 2003

Happy Saint Myron Day!

Today (Sunday) is the feast of St. Myron, who was martyred in 250 AD defending his church from persecutors. Here's some details from the Prolog from Ohrid: 1. THE HOLY MARTYR MYRON, THE PRESBYTER

Myron was a priest in the town of Achaia of wealthy and prominent origin and by nature was kind and meek, both a lover of God and of man. During the reign of Emperor Decius and, on the Feast of the Nativity of Christ, pagans charged into the church, dragged Myron out from the service and subjected him to torture. During the time of torture in the fire, an angel appeared to him and encouraged him. After that, they began to cut his skin in strips from his head to his feet. The martyr grabbed one such strip of his skin and, with it, struck the torturer - the judge - on the face. The judge Antipater, as though possessed, took a sword and killed himself. Finally, they took Myron to the city of Cyzicus and there slew him with the sword in the year 250 A.D.

I mention him because Mrs. Athanasius' grandfather was named Myron (even though everyone called him Bill). I hope that he's in heaven enjoying a good game of Sheepshead. If he isn't, I ask you and St. Myron to pray for him.

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