Monday, August 04, 2003

The Chicago Sun-Times abandons objectivity

Here's the headline the Sun-Times ran last Friday: "Pope Launches Global Campaign Against Gays." You can read all about it at the Sun-Times website. Note these words from the editor: Sun-Times editor in chief Michael Cooke and vice president of editorial John Cruickshank said, in a statement, that the headline, when read in its entirety, "accurately reflects the church's view on same-sex marriage and the role the church requires Catholic politicians to play in this issue."

"When the pope urges all peoples to unite in denying homosexuals a specific civil right--the right of civil marrage--to refer to that summons as anti-gay is justified," the editors said.

Apparently the Sun-Times has decided that homosexuals should marry, and that anyone who opposes this right is to be libeled. In fact, granting legal sanction to homosexuality would be the truly anti-gay action, since it would continue the illusion that homosexuality is just another lifestyle. Forthright, well-reasoned opposition such as the Vatican's is in fact an act of love that treats homosexuals as human beings, rather than reducing them to the bearers of a proclivity.

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