Thursday, July 24, 2003

Senator Durbin, you are mistaken!

During the debate in the Judiciary Committee on whether or not to allow William Pryor's hearing to take place in the full Senate, the debate got very contentious, with Republicans claiming that Democrats will not allow Catholics to serve as judges. See, Catholics oppose abortion, and Democrats will filibuster anyone who does not support abortion. Read the story here.

In response to this, my own Senator Dick Durbin responded "As a person raised Catholic and who is a practicing Catholic, I deeply resent this new line of attack from the right wing that anyone who opposes him is anti-Catholic," Durbin said. "Today's committee hearing is a historic low for this fine committee." He further said this amazing line: "As a Catholic, I sit here in resentment of what I am hearing," Durbin said. "There are many Catholics who see [the abortion issue] much differently than Mr. Pryor. This is beneath the dignity of this committee."

Durbin thinks he is a good Catholic. Why don't you let him know that he isn't? Here is his: email address.

I've already called his bisho p and had a nice chat with his secretary--I don't think it is necessary to flood the bishop's phone lines. But Senator Durbin could use some email, don't you think?

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